Craft Beer Vigilantes | September Vigilante Roundup
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September Vigilante Roundup

Wherein we take a look of what the Vigilantes have been up to this month.

Ashley & Kelsi posted this fantastic photo of Modern Times’ Countermagic:

Justin contributed a review of Fieldwork’s Hop & Glow Double IPA to

Tons of citrus aromatics stimulate your olfactory: grapefruit blossom, mango, orange, pineapple, all the beautiful smells of an NEIPA. As you gulp this brew, the classic hop flavors of the West mingle together: El Dorado and Cascade’s stone fruit characteristics mix with Citra’s tropical flavors to create a hybrid of hip-hop goodness.

Raul knocked out this photo of J. Wakefield’s Ryevan Drago:

Jamie reviewed Cloudwater’s Chubbles on

It has one of the punchiest aromas I’ve ever had the pleasure of inhaling, with a mix of mango, apricot and pineapple mixing wonderfully with a melon like freshness. But underneath that there’s also a sharp onion savoury element that helps to stop the nose being too sweet.

Bryan nailed this shot of Offshoot’s Terms:

Keith tried out 21st Amendment’s collaboration with Tasty McDole from The Brewing Network.

Tim blasted off with Bottle Rocket ISA:

Bill posted Things I Would Rather Spend $1000 on Instead of the New iPhone.

11 tickets as a non-member a single session or almost 4 tickets to each session for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Literally can invite Jon, Kate, the plus 8 and yourself. Side note: what the hell ever happened to them?

Zach went up in smoke with Evil Twin’s Unstouttd:

Robyn had a great time at the Beavertown Extravaganza:

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