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Beer Community Features

The Vigilantes are very active in the beer community on Instagram, both on @craftbeervigilantes and on their individual accounts. Find the right feature for you below and join the fun!


#beermailmonday Everyone loves getting beer mail! Get your latest delivery featured with this hashtag.
#icandothattoosday Recreate a designated Vigilante post to the best of your ability.
#poorpourtuesday Every now and then something goes wrong when you pour a beer. Whether the beer was over carbed, or you just weren’t paying attention to what you were doing, it’s happened to all of us. When a pour goes horribly wrong use this hashtag to get featured/shamed.

#throwbackthirstday Scroll back through your Instagram feed. Keep scrolling. Keep scrolling. There you go, tag your very first Instagram beer photo with this hashtag for a blast from the past.
#properpourfriday Sometimes you really nail a beer pour. Use this hashtag to show off.


Tag your epic beer haul with @beerhauljunkies and use #beerhauljunkies for a chance at a respost.


#crushingcans Some of the best craft beer is canned. Show off the latest canned beer you drank, and your amazing hand strength, by tagging your can crushing video or photo with this hashtag.



Strike a pose and tag @beerselfie for a chance to be reposted.


#beerdadfriday Hit up @thegreatbeerdad for a #beerdadfriday feature.


#whalezwednesday Sometimes you need to dig out a whale, on a Wednesday.

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